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At the cornerstone of music production culture for over 14 years, Dynamic Producer continues its groundbreaking legacy and continued growth as the most valuable platform for music producers. Dynamic Producer is an industry leader in regards to helping those who strive to make advancements in music, business, and branding. As the only personalized guidance program offered to counsel, advise, and mentor music producers, Dynamic Producer embodies a one on one approach without regard to the caliber of one's knowledge in music and business.

Over the past few years particularly, Dynamic Producer has expanded its goals from the important work of helping to educate and provide opportunities for up & coming producers to establishing itself as a catalyst to train music producers to effectively guide their careers. Without sacrificing musical ingenuity and with the notion of creating sustainable income, Dynamic Producer's mission is simple, to be "the only GPS you need to get on track."  To do this, we help our members "put themselves on."

Dynamic Producer can be proud of its accomplishments on behalf of its constituency.  Through efforts of volunteer leadership and the resilient professional staff, the music community and most importantly the members, Dynamic Producer is right on track as a key influencer making positive contributions to musical excellence overall.

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